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    The FreeCiv for PalmOS project will port freeciv v1.11.4 to PalmOS.

Minimum System Requirement

    FreeCiv requires PalmOS v3.5 or better. Color and greyscale will be supported, but greyscale will run slower until a separate tileset is developed. The app currently requires 250kB plus 210kB for data. The expected final size is closer to 1-2MB.

Preliminary documentation available here

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  • Simple application demonstrating map generation and movement routines. You can generate new maps using the calendar button, move units using the up/down, phone, and task buttons, and toggle between map overview and local map using the notepad button. You can switch between units by typing 'n' on the graffiti pad (have not tested keyboard but it should work).

Project Goals and Status

Port the trident tileset


Create a small application proving that tiles can be displayed on the PalmIIIc


Port the logo


Port the freeciv common directory


Create a map browser app


Implement fog of war


Implement units: build, support, move, combat

In Progress

Create a few cities on the map and build the city management capability.

Port the game and player structures. Implement a turn and time-keeping structure.

Port the freeciv ai

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Last updated 2 November 2003